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5 Critical Steps to Take If Something Goes Wrong at Your Event

Here's what you can do to plan for the worst-case scenario if something goes awry at an event.


Planning an event involves thinking about all possible scenarios.

There is always a chance that something will go awry at an event, so here's what you can do to plan for the worst-case scenario.  


  1. Already Have a Plan B
  2. Don't Panic
  3. Bring Backup Equipment
  4. Stay in Command
  5. Have Educated Staff



  1. Already Have a Plan B

Plan for the worst-case scenario.  

Your attendees' trust is the most important thing you can lose. Attendees will be more forgiving if you have a strong crisis communication plan.  

Be forthright and open with them. Depending on the audience, you can lighten the mood by presenting it in a humorous manner.  

Even if you appear nervous or unsure, don't show it to them. 


2. Don't Panic 

This might sound obvious, but your clients and guests will begin to worry as soon as they detect any signs of stress on your face. You'll see less and less clearly the more scared you feel, so staying calm in the chaos is important. 

Even though the solution to your problem is obvious, you will be unable to think rationally if you are in a state of panic. Keep a good outlook and be calm, no matter what! 


3. Bring Backup Equipment

So that the event production will go off without a hitch, all event suppliers should have this on hand. 

Backups allow you to quickly and effortlessly address any problems that may arise, which means that your guests or clients will never know that anything went wrong. 


4. Stay in Command

People will be looking at you if an event goes terribly wrong while you're the one in charge of it.  

You must maintain command of the situation and assert your authority. As quickly as possible, rectify the situation so that your event can go on as planned. Whenever an issue is pointed out to you, don't be afraid to take action.  

Don't allow anyone else to take control of the situation. You are the one who must come up with a solution. 


5. Have Educated Staff

When things go awry at your event, you should be able to rely on your personnel for help 

During the hiring process, you should keep in mind that they should be prepared for a wide range of situations.  

When an event goes wrong, not only does the personnel need to know how to fix the equipment, but they must also be taught in customer care.  

As a result, make sure your event production personnel is well-versed in both your equipment servicing and client interactions, so they can manage any problem that may arise at an event. 


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