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5 Tips from AV Techs for Companies Looking to Hire (and Keep) Good Talent

Companies should follow these tips to find the best talent, make them happy and keep them working with you.

Every event staffing company is searching for the same thing - a reliable, professional crew who will make their events run smoothly.

You likely have a list of crew qualities you look for, but do you know what crew are looking for from YOU? 


We interviewed AV professionals and asked:  

What advice would you give to companies that need to hire production crew like you?” 

 If you really want to find the best talent, make them happy and keep them working with you, you should... 

1. Hire good leaders.

2. Build quality teams.

3. Provide mentorship, growth opportunities and experience-based compensation.

4. Demonstrate appreciation to promote loyalty.

5. Look out for your people. 


Hire good leaders

Melisa Davis, Carpenter 

“I will say this, [when hiring team leaders, event companies need to] make sure they have good personalities, make sure they work well under pressure. Make sure they understand they have to treat the people that are working under them with respect. You have to give it to get it. [They have to] be approachable. Make sure [the team leaders] have the right personality [to avoid losing] good employees.”  


Build quality teams

Leslie Brenna

“It's frustrating when you work with great people and then you never see them on a show again. On the contrary, when they re-hire people that didn't do a very good job, I ask myself, ‘Why are they still here? The other people they hire matter.” 


Provide mentorship, growth opportunities and experience-based compensation

George Flores, Corporate AV Crew Chief, Audio Visual Technician, Breakout Coordinator, and Freelance Musician  

“I think one of the most important things is longevity. I truly believe when you build a relationship, whether that be with personnel, technicians, or with companies directly, you strive to have longevity with them.  

 “There need to be opportunities for growth—especially for people that are brand new in the industry. You can see over a year, 2 years, 5 years... there's so much a technician can learn in the industry to get better. I think production companies have to provide opportunities for growth to technicians... [Give new techs] chances to shadow veterans.  

 “[Provide] opportunities for training. [For example], train technicians on how to work in breakout settings vs. in GS settings vs. in exhibit floor settings. 

“[Also,] for the technicians that have worked one, two, three, four or five years with certain skill sets, there should definitely be some financial compensation. If a technician has worked with a company for multiple years, they've learned, they’ve grown their skills and a company offers to pay them X% more, they're going to want to stay with that company. I think that's really key in keeping those relationships solid.” 

Demonstrate appreciation to promote loyalty

Raechelle Steward, Audio Visual Technician 

“I think it's more than just getting paid more; it's about showing appreciation for your hard workers. When that appreciation is shown, then that seeds loyalty.” 

 “For example, one of my directors at an AV company asked me to come in the next morning. I wasn't on the schedule. She said, can you come in tomorrow? I said ‘yes’. When I came in she bought me breakfast. It’s that simple sometimes. She bought me lunch on top of that, and I totally did not expect it.” 

“Just those small little things make me want to take those calls, even though it may not be the best paying job.”


Look out for your people

Roderick Vincent, Monitor Engineer Top Knotch Entertainment LLC 

Teamwork. Looking out for your people. Make sure they get breaks and lunches. Just be mindful of your employees and don't try to slave drive. Being flexible, fair pay. That's pretty much it.  


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