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Behind The Curtain: The Future of Events Using Virtual Components

We sat down with Chris Thauvette, the Operations Manager with Creative Day Technologies, to talk about events and how to use virtual components in a post-pandemic world.

Q&A with Chris Thauvette, Operations Manager at Creative Day

During InfoComm 2022 we had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Thauvette, the Operations Manager with Creative Day Technologies in Troy, Michigan.

We asked him some of our burning questions about the state of the events industry as he sees it.

We know Creative Day was one of the companies that adapted to running virtual events very early on in the pandemic, so we were excited to talk with him and get his take on virtual events now that we see more events returning to in-person. 

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How should event companies be thinking about using virtual components now? 

Chris Thauvette: Certain points that'll never go away. We were doing it before as webcast, so people that couldn't be brought to the meeting could see it.

You'd hate to see it all the time. But being able to know that a CEO who's got a jam packed schedule and can't make a full run of show can join virtually.

Do you think events will continue to have virtual elements?

CT: Absolutely, a client may do one big show a year. They might do five shows a year that are smaller and regionally, but then still need to bring in key people from different areas to present.

The virtual aspect's going to allow that.

Is incorporating virtual elements into events just a trend?

CT: Right now, you really just have to turn on the TV.

The news is still virtual.

You're still bringing in people remotely, interviews are remote.

I think that it's here to stay. 



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