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Event Security or NFL Linebacker? LASSO's Top 5 Security Tackles

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"Fortune favors the bold." Fortune does not favor stupidity. With events regaining popularity for attendees all around the world, here are some fans that were bold enough to interrupt your favorite event, but weren't so fortunate to be featured on the security highlight reel.


Check out our top 5 event security tackles: 

5. Inebriated Fan Has The Best View of the Game and the Most Expensive Ticket


4. Fan Mistakes Tarp During Rain Delay as Slip 'n Slide, plays Hide and Seek with Security


3. Security Relives Glory Days of Pop Warner with this Monster Hit


2. Event Security Makes Goal Line Stand Against a Taunting Fan Hitting "The Griddy" 


1. Fan Receives Offer to Play Oblivious QB in re-casting of "The BlindSide"


Honorable Mention: The One that Got Away



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