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LASSO Crew Marketplace Frequently Asked Questions

LASSO Marketplace is a platform designed to match open crew calls from the best event companies to the best event talent. Here are the answers to our FAQs.



Who is LASSO?

LASSO is the live event and entertainment industry’s first and most powerful crewing platform and marketplace.

The LASSO Marketplace is a platform designed to match open crew calls from the best event companies to the best event talent. With LASSO’s platform and mobile crew app, crew members can accept live event jobs that fit into their work schedule and match their unique skill set.

We designed our platform with the crew in mind – and best of all it’s free to register and get hired! LASSO makes it easier for you to accept new job opportunities, manage your availability, view your schedules and travel itineraries, and get the latest event details - all while you are on the go.  


Why should I join the LASSO Marketplace?

There are numerous reasons to join Marketplace. Click here to see đź‘€ the Top 10 reasons to join.   


Does it cost money to be in the LASSO Marketplace?

No, it is free for crew to join and participate in the Marketplace. While there are marketplaces out there that charge the crew to be a member of them, we are not one of them.  


What types of companies can I expect work from?

LASSO’s customers range from small-to-mid-to-large sized event companies all over the United States that produce or manage live events and experiences.  Our customers do corporate events, concerts/touring, festivals, broadcasting, etc. The one thing that all LASSO customers struggle with is finding great people, with the right skills sets, available at the right time, and at the right cost.  


Can I still work for other companies?

Of course! Our goal at LASSO is to get you more work, so we encourage you to take as many jobs as you want to fit into your schedule.

If you already gig with a company that uses the LASSO platform to schedule their crew, you will just need to register separately for the LASSO Marketplace here. We take privacy and information security very seriously here at LASSO!  


What type of skill sets do your clients look for in the Marketplace?

Demand for skill sets varies. Currently, we are seeing a strong need for skill sets that match the following positions:

  • A1: Expert engineer responsible for the audio system.
  • A2: Audio specialist who assists the A1 with set-up, show, and strike.
  • A3: Needs to have working knowledge of audio and connectivity and signal flow.
  • Camera Op (hand-held): Operates a hand-held camera.
  • Camera Operator: Trained & experienced camera operator working at a fixed position.
  • Graphics Operator: Expert in the operation of show computers for the editing of PowerPoint, Keynote presentations and other computer-generated displays.
  • LED Technician: A specialized technician that is proficient with setting up, programming, operating and striking of LED wall display products.
  • Projectionist: Expert in the placement of and projection displays.
  • Technical Director: Technical Directors are responsible for every technical aspect of an event
  • V1: A highly trained and experienced expert who bears ultimate responsibility for the video display system.
  • V2: A video specialist who assists the V1, projectionist, or tape op in setting and striking of video equipment, running, and labeling cables, building cameras, and similar activities.
  • L1: Leads the lighting set up.
  • L2: Lighting specialists have knowledge of lighting equipment and signal flow.
  • Lighting Designer: Lighting Designers design the lighting system for the event.
  • Spotlight Operator: Spotlight Technicians operate spotlights for events.
  • Breakout Operator: Breakouts Operator are well rounded technicians in audio, video, lighting, presentations, etc.
  • Breakout Tech/Float: Maintain groups of breakout rooms; operate audio and video equipment within rooms.
  • Carpenter: Must be able to setup and dismantle scenic pieces, sets and props for events/conferences as required by the lead Carpenter.
  • Computer Tech: A technician responsible for the basic set-up and staging of computers/printers.
  • Crew Chief: This managerial position will oversee and direct the Marketplace crew when 15+ are scheduled on a single day.
  • General AV Tech/Utility: A basic level skilled technician with an understanding of AV conference setups/strikes of audio/video/lighting and can follow instructions, run cable, and lift heavy objects.
  • Loader/Pusher: Participates in loading and unloading of trucks.
  • Electrician: Responsible for the proper distribution of power.
  • Stagehand: Their main role is to assist with laborious tasks such as set/strike, stage building, set piece placement, truss placement, case pushing, cable runs, scaffold building, and heavy lifting of various equipment.



How do I determine my rates?

This depends on you, though you should try to be realistic in your assumptions, taking into account your own level of experience as well as living costs in the city to which you are applying. Your rates are used as an indicator for companies and is not necessarily a fixed criterion.  


How do I set up a profile in LASSO Marketplace?

Its quick and simple to register! Go here to get started:

After you complete your registration, one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists will contact you to gather more information to be sure your profile is positioned well for companies looking to find great talent.  


What happens once I complete and submit my profile?

Once you complete your profile, we will reach out to get more information from you as jobs become available in your market for the positions you register for.

NOTE: The LASSO Marketplace is not a Job Board, so you will not see opportunities listed within the app after you have registered. Once you have been vetted and approved to work in the LASSO Marketplace, you will be eligible to receive invitations to work on upcoming gigs.

If you are located outside of a current target market for the LASSO Marketplace, hold on tight! We will be reaching out to you as soon as we officially launch in your city or have a need for a traveling crew member matching your skill set. We want to be considerate of your time and only schedule an interview once we have upcoming events to connect you with. Be on the lookout though because we are growing quickly and are very much in the need of great crew!  


How will I know if I get approved to work for LASSO Crew Marketplace?

Once your profile has been approved, you will receive a notification from LASSO.  At this point, it will be important to make sure your profile is up-to-date and complete so you are accurately matched with companies looking for your specific skills and availability.  


When can I expect to receive work?

There is a lot of pent up demand coming in the fall and winter and we need you to help the industry meet this demand. Companies using LASSO’s platform to manage their workflow will then be able to connect with the industry’s top talent (that’s you!).  In preparation for the needs of our customers and hires they need to make, it is important we start the registration and application process now.  We already have positions our customers need to fill for this summer and fall so please be sure to submit your registration!  


Are there tips for getting more work?

YES! Your LASSO Crew Marketplace profile is what companies will see when they are looking for techs to work on some of their events. This is your chance to “sell” yourself!

Tips for getting more work:

  • Make sure your profile is complete - upload a photo!
  • Keep your app push notifications on so you can receive job opportunities
  • Be honest in what your skills and experience are
  • Include your resume if you have one (you can also include it later if you need to create one)
  • Indicate a fair pay rate.  You have worked hard to hone your skills and companies are looking for talented techs. Cheap talent doesn’t make for a successful event. However, non competitive rates lead to fewer jobs
  • Be responsive when asked for your availability to work

It is critical that your profile is 100% complete. Crew members that have a fully completed profile, including uploading a photo and resume, and have strong references have a track record of getting more work. If you need any help completing your profile, please reach out to LASSO’s support team at  


How will I get paid?

No longer do you need to waste time or energy creating and turning in invoices. What’s even better is that you will now be paid weekly vs. net 30 for your work! Every Friday, your money can be uploaded to a paycard, direct deposited into your account, or sent directly to your home.  


Am I entitled to benefits?

Absolutely! All approved marketplace crew, including part time, will have access to various benefits. If you average working more than 30 hours per week within the first year, then you will also be eligible to receive full medical, dental, and vision benefits.

Just by being an approved crew member in the LASSO Marketplace, you are automatically eligible for many perks! Through Insperity’s “Perks at Work” program, you are able to leverage the purchasing power of all of the groups’ members to save on almost everything that you want to buy. With bargains from over 30,000 merchants, including all of your favorite retailers such as Best Buy, Walgreens, Target, Petco, The Home Depot, Walmart, and many more.  You are able to use your status in the LASSO Marketplace to save you money!

Once in the LASSO Marketplace, you also have access to discounts on Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and other cell service providers, automotive insurance, and more. Finally, you automatically have access to thousands of online training resources covering hundreds of different subjects!  


How do I download the LASSO mobile app?

Once your application to join the marketplace is approved, you will be able to access the mobile app which is available for download on both IOS and Android devices. You can find out how to download the LASSO mobile crew app here:  


Will I be a 1099 or W-2 employee?

All of the crew members within the LASSO Marketplace are part time and full time W-2 employees due to federal and state regulations on misclassification.  


Why do I have to be a W-2 employee?

In recent years, several branches of the US government have cracked down on companies that are improperly classifying their workforce as 1099 contractors instead of part-time W-2 employees. This has resulted in incredibly hefty fines and has lead to IRS audits for event companies of all shapes and sizes. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, “misclassification” refers to a worker who is an employee under the law, but the individual is inaccurately classified as something other than an employee.

Event businesses are now highly focused on figuring out what proper employee classification means to them and what is most beneficial to both the organization and their crew members. LASSO believes that properly classifying our crew is imperative to everyone’s success.  For this reason, LASSO is committed to having a compliant workforce. This doesn’t take away your ability to have a flexible schedule and work for multiple companies.  


Am I covered by Workers Comp or do I have to provide my own Workers Comp?

When you work for LASSO, you are able to get Workers Compensation insurance coverage.   


Will I have access to training?

Absolutely! Just by being an approved crew member in the LASSO Crew Marketplace, you automatically have access to thousands of online training resources covering hundreds of different subjects.

LASSO also partners with manufacturers, universities, and other industry-based groups to periodically host training sessions or workshops. 


Is the information I submit protected? Is it shared elsewhere?

LASSO has industry standard security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of user information under our control. LASSO authenticates its users allowing only authorized users access to the site. All data coming into and out of LASSO is encrypted. Unless specified by the user, information within the LASSO system is not shared with outside parties  


Who can I contact if I have an issue?

LASSO’s support team can be reached at or here if you have questions or need technical support.

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