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Industry Trends

Event Podcasts You Need to Know About

It's no surprise that more and more podcasts are coming out of the live event industry. We've compiled a list of some of our favorite event industry...

Event Staffing

Why the Live Events Industry Needs Advocacy

How the Live Events Industry which is made up of a workforce of 12 million people that generates $886 billion on an annual basis, found itself...

Event Crew

What is a Graphics Operator?

A graphics operator is responsible for creating and organizing onscreen graphic components for live events. Learn about their role and specific skill...

Event Staffing

Day One Guide for Event Staff

Helpful tips and tricks for event staff as they navigate their first day on the job

Event Crew

Top 5 Event Crew FAQ

Explore the benefits of joining the LASSO Marketplace and use the tools you find here to build the live event's career of your dreams.

Industry Trends

7 Live Events Trends to Expect in 2022

Now that the world is working towards herd immunity and the industry begins to resume, what live events trends can we expect in the coming months of...

Workforce Management Software

The Ultimate Guide to Event Staff Hiring

When you’re recruiting the best event team, you need to make sure your event staff hiring & production crew recruiting strategy is bulletproof....

Event Crew

What Does an A1 Do?

An A1 is the primary audio engineer in live event production and is in charge of the sound system's technical design and live sound mixing.

Industry Trends

S.A.F.E. Management (Super Bowl LV)

After facing the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it was up to some incredibly dedicated, innovative companies (and a few dozen LASSO Customers) to help...

Workforce Management Software

3 things every event company needs to know

We built LASSO’s crew scheduling software to ensure that growing event companies like yours have the right tools to attract the best techs and scale.

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